At Pete Witalis Homes, Inc., we use our own in house design team to take your conceptual ideas to full working drawings in about 45 days. Because we do not typically use stock plans, our designers work to meet our customer's individual needs, preferences and budget. Our team is experienced in efficient use of space. Minimizing the wasted space common in many floor plans provides more space to living and bedroom areas. Main living areas are located at the rear of the home, adjacent to the rear/back yard to maximize windows and lighting. We utilize an advanced architectural design software program which produces very detailed drawings.

During the Design/Build process of a Pete Witalis home, you could expect a series of meetings with your builder.

During the "Preliminary Meeting", you and your builder would discuss location, budget, style of home, features and amenities, necessities and a possible "wish list".

A "Secondary Meeting" would take place at the lot. Topics discussed would include driveway location and home elevation (location of first floor above the curb at street level). Conceptual drawings would be reviewed and any design changes to drawings could be made. Also discussed might be any additional ideas for your new home and possible tree removal.

At a third meeting, you would review the 1/8" scale drawing of your new home and discuss the cost to build on the specific lot. Any additional ideas, changes, or items of interest would be discussed at this time.

Once building commences, communication with your superintendent would occur on a weekly basis.

The typical build time for a Pete Witalis Home is 5 to 6 months from the signing of the contract.

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